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Natalie's Details:

Natalie is from Brentwood.

My Name is Natalie & I'm 30 years old & In a relationship.

I'm tagged in , , & seeking Dirty dogging meets.

Category: Dogging Locations

Meet fat girls who love dogging and public sex

Being a larger lady myself I know how hard it can be for us to meet men for sex and since myself and my partner became swingers I’ve seen the attitude to larger plus size women change and for the good that is. Nowadays men prefer a lady say around sizes 18+ and you guys sure know how to appreciate a larger ladies lumps and bumps don’t you? Now as you know Singles club Essex is packed full of thousands of sex mad BBW sluts looking for kinky sex dates and if you fancy a wild night with a larger slut then why don’t you come hook yourself up with a fat girl who loves to go dogging? I’ve been dogging numerous times and have enjoyed watching my husband making out with fat girls they are wild and game for anything I can honestly say seeing my husband with a fatter woman than average turned me on way more than him sleeping with a skinny slut.

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